One Drop of Love

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Trinity of Matter

the Sense (Dao) manufactures the first.
the First manufactures the second (Yin and Yang).
the Second manufactures the third (Heaven, Beings and earth).
the Third manufactures everything.
Everything has darkness in its background
and aspires towards the light,
and the flow of energy creates Harmony.[27]

 Material are the ingredients, the presentation are the technique designing and the evolutional analysis. Therefor it means such as an opposing argument torwards non-public phenomenon as Spirit, Ideal, Information, Power or Radiant.

The matter is the fundamental  category which is of the Dialectical Materialism. The matter is accordingly the objective of reality, the outermost and independent from the consciousness existence. The existence is matter which therefore the personal emotion. Each motion, change and developement in matter goes therefore in space and time individually which defines therfore the unity in the material world.

  • emerging separately,
  • coordinated influence and such
  • to transform into each other.

All pictures on the left and right side are the same pictures. By simply changing the incidence of light on the carefully selected materials, a completely new color scheme is created.